Maverx Academy

Innovation and Commercialisation Management Program developing the future of ONE Health Research.

Continuing the legacy of Mario Veronesi ‘anchor entrepreneur’ and founder of the Biomedical District in Mirandola, Maverx Academy is a school of innovation offering different learning strands into the future of health for people and the planet.

It is intended to help students, researchers, professionals, founders, entrepreneurs and investors who develop and support solutions at the convergence between health and technology to increase value and create meaningful social impact.

Maverx Academy program
Each delegate who comes through MaverX Academy program
leaves with an implementable valuable strategy for their business idea

Mastering entrepreneurship

Mastering Entrepreneurship Program provides technologists and science-based entrepreneurs in ONE-Health Tech a pathway to feed their ideas and commercialise their solutions to bring value-based innovation to market.

Through a series of free workshops and webinars, Maverx Academy offer wide range of tools to market innovative and impactful solutions, create business strategies, understand the investment landscape, connect with investors and industry partners.


Programma Mastering Entrepreneurship 

A specific program aimed at understanding the enabling potential of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) and their integration from the initial stages of innovative business projects.

The seminars cover the steps useful for integrating AI solutions into EARLY STAGE processes and projects with the following themes:

  • Understanding AI and its potential
  • Assessing the business needs
  • Choosing the right AI solutions: off-the-shelf vs. custom
  • AI integration and deployment
  • Monitoring AI implementation and measuring success

The field of HealthTech is transforming the way care is delivered and received through breakthrough advancements and constant innovation.

Maverx Social Impact Investing Training Program supports investors to make more informed decisions about the sustainability and impact of the value proposition of innovative HealthTech ventures.

Who is it for?

Private and institutional investors, firms, funds and organisations, foundations and advisors looking at pursuing investments in HealthTech by implementing strategies that align investing goals with impact values that take social, ecological and business ethics into account.

Collaborations with Emilia Romagna Innovation Network

Maverx Academy courses on Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship have been presented at:

Tecnopolo TPM
Mario Veronesi Mirandola
(November 2019)

Medtronic Open Innovation
Lab MAKE Mirandola
(January 2021)

Medtronic Open Innovation
Lab HACK for MED
(February 2021)

Fondazione Golinelli
(April 2021)

Entrepreneurship Training
(May 2021)

Meet in Italy for Life Sciences
(October 2021) 

StartCUP Emilia Romagna
(October 2022) 

(April 2023)

Summer School
on Green Electric Machines
(September 2023)

Maverx Academy in Europe

Maverx Academy courses touring in 7 EU countries in 2023:


Copenhagen Female Founders of the Nordics
(Febrauary 2023)

Lisbon Department for International Trade
(March 2023)

Warsaw Polish-Ukranian Startup Bridge
(March 2023)

Athens Innovation Greece
(Marzo 202) 

Prague Department for International Trade
(April 2023)

Barcelona Department for International Trade
(April 2023)


maverx academy

MAVERX supports entrepreneurial culture, research and innovation, internationalization, scientific dissemination, training, industrial transformation, intergenerational exchange, and female leadership through.