Maverx Academy

Maverx Academy is born from the legacy of the entrepreneurial spirit that created Mirandola Biomedical District back in the 1960s. It develops an academy approach that aims at keeping the legacy of inspiration by supporting innovation worldwide.

Maverx Academy is a school of innovation offering different learning strands into the future of health. It is intended to help professionals, companies and investors that develop and support solutions at the convergence between healthcare and technology to increase value and create meaningful social impact.

Maverx Academy workshops focus on 3 key streams:

Mastering Entrepreneurship Program provides technologists and science-based entrepreneurs in HealthTech a pathway to feed their ideas and commercialise their solutions to bring value-based innovation to market.

Through a series of free workshops and webinars, mentors at Maverx Academy offer researchers and healthcare professionals a wide range of tools to help them align with investors expectations and to connect with industry partners.

Who is it for?

Researchers, academics, healthcare professionals who are part of a university, a research centre, an accelerator, an incubator, or an innovation-driven institution in healthcare.

Mastering Entrepreneurship program is intended for those entrepreneurs-in-the-making who have an idea that is not matured yet and aspire to learn how to bring it to market.

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3. AI for health workshops and bootcamps 

Advanced technologies leveraging AI, machine learning (ML) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are critical enablers in the future of health. The capacity of companies to integrate these key technologies at different stages of their processes can ensure sustainability in the long term. However barriers and challenges to integration are often perceived as overwhelming obstacles by small and medium businesses and thus widening the gap with large corporate competitors.

Who is it for?

Small and Medium Businesses in Med-Tech looking at investing in business transformation and integration of key enabling technologies into their business models. AI for health workshops and bootcamps offer an intensive, practical and interactive learning experience and a hand-on approach to understanding the added value of integration according to the companies own needs.

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2. Social impact investing in HealthTech training program

The field of HealthTech is transforming the way care is delivered and received through breakthrough advancements and constant innovation.

Maverx Social Impact Investing Training Program supports investors to make more informed decisions about the sustainability and impact of the value proposition of innovative HealthTech ventures.

Who is it for?

Private and institutional investors, firms, funds and organisations, foundations and advisors looking at pursuing investments in HealthTech by implementing strategies that align investing goals with impact values that take social, ecological and business ethics into account.

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