Mastering Entrepreneurship


1. Innovation Management

  • Perfect Pitch
  • Document Suite
  • Landscape of Funding
  • Current economic climate
  • Global Funding Landscape

2. Innovation Pathway Developing a tactical roadmap

  • Protecting your intellectual property Overdevelopment
  • Defining clinical pathways CE|UKCA Marking
  • Presenting technology
  • Development of Technical White Paper

3. The Business Plan

  • Audience “who are you writing for?”
  • What’s changed. “Information age”
  • Fact checking “don’t get caught out”
  • Content “it’s not war and peace”
  • What does the investor want to hear
  • Defining content

4. Funding

  • Types of Funding “it’s not always mean grants”
  • Maintaining a tactical road map
  • Changing landscape of Investment capital
  • Innovative Funding Strategies
  • Stages of Funding
  • How much “don’t run out”
  • Valuation
  • Protecting the founders from shareholder agreements

5. Financial Projections

  • Unit Economic Model
  • Cash flow vs P&L
  • Alternative cash flow finance
  • Defining market access and costs of delivery
  • Managing scale

6. Perfect Pitch Training

  • 1-minute Introduction 3-minute Wonder
  • 5-minute Perfection
  • 10-minute Death by PowerPoint

7. Post Funding

  • 90 plan
  • Hiring
  • Investor relations Mini projects Outsourcing and IP


Christian Kumar
Christian has a career spanning over 30 years in corporate finance, investment banking and wealth management. He has created a deployment model that allows rapid commercialisation of ideas, a method of valuation and funding to motivate the stakeholders whilst minimizing risks to the investors by mentoring companies with a three to five years’ vision of strategic growth. Christian is supported by a highly skilled international advisory team drawn from different disciplines that contributes to strategy and manages key partnerships.