We are among Europe’s most innovative regions.

We have knowledge, initiative, entrepreneurship and facilities, as well as tangible and intangible infrastructures.

We have ideas, people, innovation and projects.

We have more than 100 biomed and biotech companies, start-ups and spin-offs, all specialising in the research and production of technologies for life.

We care about our community and want to see it thrive in the areas that foster our capacities.

We are Italy’s first Medical Valley.


So let’s build an ecosystem that best supports our skills, inventiveness, desire to evolve, learn and bring science to life for all. An ecosystem uniting the corporate and the scientific worlds, supported by a financial system that enables new healthtech ventures to grow and succeed.


Our goal is to support and enhance the human capital and creative potential of our community while taking care of the ecosystem, ensuring it’s safe, integrated and open to change.


We are in service to our environment. We are rooted in it and as such are an integral part of the community. We are change-makers with a mission: to challenge society’s ideas and behaviour through innovative technologies and design processes for healthier people in a healthier environment. We support projects that have an ethical, sustainable and social agenda at their core, projects that have a local impact yet resonate widely across our global network.


We believe in the power of ideas. So let’s connect people and places, the industry and the labs, young and old ‘mavericks’ to enable radical discoveries, new approaches to research and manufacturing, contamination and creative exchange.


We are the agent for transformation connecting existing realities, people and projects that can enrich the environment in terms of economic development, cultural advancement and social breakthrough.

So let us be the pioneers creating our own future!