The artificial object is a slight matter compared with the new ideas and new feelings that the invention may give rise to in every direction, as if the essential part of the effect were to raise us above ourselves and enlarge our horizon.

– (Henri Bergson)

Every technical device modifies the community to some extent, establishing a function that makes possible the arrival of further technical devices; it is therefore inserted into a continuity that never excludes change, but rather stimulates it, because needs always anticipate realizations. Thus the technical being becomes a factor of civilization.

– (Gilbert Simondon)

Technology for life

Located in the northern part of the province of Modena, the city of Mirandola is home to the world’s leading biomedical-tech district.  Established by Mario Veronesi in the 1960’s, the district is comprised of over 100 biomedical-tech companies that specialise in the manufacturing of devices and appliances for hemodialysis, heart-surgery, anesthesia and resuscitation, apheresis and plasmapheresis, transfusion, nutrition and gynecology.


Is a foundation promoting technological innovation and entrepreneurial culture within the biomedical district of Mirandola.   We are a contemporary, independent enterprise dedicated to maintaining and advancing the legacy of Mario Veronesi, considered a maverick of his time, by sharing his vision and entrepreneurial approach both locally and internationally.