Master MAKE Mirandola

Medtronic Master Advanced Knowledge Experience

MAKE Mirandola is an advanced training course developed for the first time in an inter-company version and offered to SME companies based in the Biomedical District of Mirandola and neighboring provinces. 


With MAKE Mirandola, Medtronic and Maverx intend to promote the acquisition, development and consolidation of innovative skills in the main disciplines of interest to the players in the world of Health, in line with the strategic roadmap and the mandate of leading companies in the creation of value and innovation.


Who is it for?

SME operating in med-tech, pharmaceutical, biotech and cosmetic industries and their supply chains. It’s open also to the ex-alumni of the ITS Biomedical School in Mirandola.

The Programme:

MAKE Mirandola explores the following eight areas of specific interest for the health sector:

  • Healthcare Marketing
  • Value and Access
  • R&D & Innovation
  • Quality & Regulatory Affairs
  • Finance & Economics in Healthcare
  • Customer Experience
  • Data Analytics & Digital Transformation
  • Stakeholder Relationship Management


MAKE Mirandola Kick-off: 15 January 2021

Final project work presentation: 27-28 May 2021



MAKE Mirandola 

MAKE Napoli 

MAKE Milano