In the past, the roots of the future

In 1962, Mario Veronesi – a chemist – realises that hospitals are increasingly in need of medical supplies in plastic and not in latex. Foreseeing the economic potential, Mauro Veronesi, with the aid of three workers, starts production in his garage.

The positive results give Veronesi the strength to continue, so a new company is founded, Bellco, the first in Italy to produce artificial kidneys. This achievement allows to treat nephropathy, thus saving millions of people.

Mario Veronesi’s success is also due to his ability to collaborate with local and international partners.  Thanks  to his example, many other entrepreneurs enter the business and, in a few year time, the Biomedical District of Mirandola is born.

MAVERX starts from the spirit of that 1962 garage, from the courage and resourcefulness of Mario Veronesi.  Through his innovations MAVERX wants to project the Italian biomedical field into the future.