Medtronic Open Innovation Lab

Hack for Med Tour

A tour involving 3 territorial hubs Salento Biomedical District, Naples Polo Universitario San Giovanni a Teduccio, Mirandola Biomedical District, in the scouting of innovative projects in the biomedical sector, to support them and facilitate the creation of a collaborative network.

3 hackathons in which teams and startups, supported by mentors and sector experts, compete to present solid and inno

vative business ideas to an exceptional jury and win access to an advisory program to accelerate their projects and secure business opportunities.


Hack for Med Mirandola : 17-18-19 Febbraio

Online registration is open until 10 Febbraio


Hack for Med challenge:

Who is it for?

The call for participation is open to teams or startups with design ideas related to medical devices & new materials capable of bringing value and changes into people’s lives.

Find out about the hackathon rules here: