Maverx Academy

Mastering Entrepreneurship Program

Mastering Entrepreneurship Program consists of a series of flexible modules that can be combined into a half day workshop or distributed into multiple workshops covering the following topics:

Idea Assessment: Need/Approach/Benefit/Competition business model

  • How to create and maintain a business advantage
  • Creating Value: the new business model canvas 
  • IP and Barriers to Entry
  • Innovation Management 
  • Financial Mapping
  • Funding
  • Investment 
  • Growth strategies


Mastering Entrepreneurship Workshops are in English. They offer an interactive learning experience allowing time for questions and 1:1 sessions with the participants.


12 February 2021

11.00-12.30 (CET)


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Mentors and Partners:

Christian Kumar 

Christian has a career spanning over 30 years in corporate finance, investment banking and wealth management. He has created a deployment model that allows rapid commercialisation of ideas, a method of valuation and funding to motivate the stakeholders whilst minimizing risks to the investors by mentoring companies with a three to five years’ vision of strategic growth. Christian is supported by a highly skilled international advisory team drawn from different disciplines that contributes to strategy and manages key partnerships.